Packaging Regulations

What are the Packaging Waste Regulations?

If you are a business in the United Kingdom and you manufacture or use packaging or sell your products in packaging, you may be classed as an obligated producer of packaging under the packaging regulations.

Producers are obligated to...
  • Reduce the amount of packaging produced in the first place
  • Reduce how much packaging waste goes to landfill
  • Financially contribute towards increasing the amount of packaging waste that gets recycled and recovered.
An obligated producer has two choices...

It can either register direct with the appropriate regulatory agency or it can join an approved compliance scheme like Wastepack. Failure to register as a producer of these regulations could lead to a criminal or civil prosecution.

Each year an obligated producer must...
  • Register as a packaging producer
  • Meet their recycling obligation
  • Obtain evidence of compliance
  • Submit a statement of compliance (SOC) by 31st January the following year.