Green Dot Licensing

The Wastepack Group Trade Mark Compliance Service

The ‘Green Dot’ is a symbol used on packaging in some European markets to denote that a fee has been paid to fund the recycling of that packaging when it becomes waste.

However, some businesses use standard packaging for a number of markets including the UK and this can mean that this symbol is present on their UK packaging. If this is the case then the trade mark of the organisation that owns the Green Dot symbol is infringed and can result in legal action unless exemption has been arranged.

The Wastepack Group can arrange exemption through a Green Dot sub-licence for its members. Even then the Green Dot must never be used in any way that associates it with consumer recycling in the UK as this would infringe trading regulations.

For more information, advice and assistance in obtaining a Compliance Scheme sub-licence please contact us.