Packaging Data Service

Are you struggling each year to complete your annual returns?

Our Packaging Data Service may be the perfect solution for you. It is acknowledged by the regulators and offers a complete, outsourced service package, regardless of what business sector you operate in.

Our Service includes:
  • Assessing your business activities and packaging flows
  • Identifying what packaging is obligated – and what is not
  • Collecting and sorting relevant packaging data
  • Completing your data form
  • Providing a methodology statement for use at audits
  • Attending audits with the Regulatory Authorities
There are many benefits to the Wastepack Packaging Data Service besides saving your time and energy...
Accurate data

Key requirement in ensuring that you don’t pay any more than you need to, yet this is an area where many businesses struggle.

Saving time

As part of our service offering, we will implement systems to record your data accurately and ensure it is submitted correctly and by the required deadline.

Efficient and cost-effective

By outsourcing to Wastepack, we will remove this onerous and time-heavy burden allowing you and your team to focus on more productive activities.

Peace of mind

Once we’re managing your data, you can rest assured everything will be taken care of, including being in attendance if you are selected for Audit by the Environment Agency.

Additional benefits

Our Data Service can also help you to acquire more detailed and granular information about your packaging; this includes:

  • Identifying high-compliance cost packaging suppliers, items or departments;
  • Providing baseline data for packaging reduction exercises;
  • Sustainability Reporting - apportioning sustainability criteria to packaging data.
If you would like to learn more or join our Packaging Data Service, please contact our team on 01279 620000 or email us at

How does this work?

Since 2010, Wastepack’s Packaging Data Service has provided practical and cost effective advice to scores of UK businesses, to help them manage their reporting obligations under a variety of environmental regulations. This service is offered to both existing Wastepack members as well as to companies complying through other schemes or reporting directly to the Agency.

International Data Service

Wastepack also provides an International Data Service for those businesses that currently operate in markets outside of Britain, or may be contemplating doing so in the future. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have, regardless of what part of the world you may be considering.